The Right Way to Wax a Black Car

Waxing your car adds a protective layer between the final paint and the elements that could damage it. Waxing it properly can prevent small scratches and circular marks on your vehicle. Black vehicles are especially difficult to clean and wax properly because dark paint shows all imperfections. The circles and scratches are in the transparent layer at the top of the paint, making them reflect the light and therefore it shows extremely well on the black paint.


Clean the vehicle thoroughly with car wash soap and a new soft sponge. Begin by rinsing it with water, loosening and removing as much dirt and dirt as possible. Always use a new sponge on a black vehicle. Old sponges may have dirt or debris and may remain on the vehicle, causing slight scratches. Rinse all the soap from the vehicle and dry it with a synthetic suede cloth to avoid water stains, which are dried leaving small light colored rings, which are disturbingly well displayed in a black vehicle.

After the car is dried, use a clay bar and lubricant to remove all metal particles embedded in the surface. These particles can cause oxidation or scratches over time. A clay bar is the only means of disposal. Spray a small area with clay lubricant and rub the clay bar back and forth. Spray with lubricant again and clean the area with a clean microfiber cloth. Repeat this step over the entire painted surface of the vehicle. The clay bar bends and work around so that only the clean areas of it touch the vehicle.


The polishing of a vehicle gives it shine and removes scratches and swirls from the surface, which are a problem in black vehicles. It uses liquid polisher for cars with a mild to moderate abrasive level and a double-action orbital polisher. Apply the polisher on the surface of the vehicle and work with the polisher in small circular and round-trip movements. The wax will not make it shine, but it adds protection. The vehicle must be polished to obtain an impressive shine before waxing.


Use only the best wax for black cars. Pure carguys hybrid wax sealant is the best wax to use due to its simple ingredients and the lack of superfluous materials. Do not use waxing equipment or other types of wax available on the market, as they will end up accumulating and causing faded areas in your black vehicle.

Apply the wax with a damp sponge and a thin layer, only allowing it to settle for five minutes or less. Use a 100 percent new, dry cotton cloth to polish the wax completely by hand. You can apply two thin layers of wax for additional protection.

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